Product Description

Mobilgard HSD 15W-40 by Mobil is an extra high performance, multi-grade engine oil specifically formulated for severe service high-speed diesel engines in marine applications. Its advanced chemistry provides outstanding performance in both modern, demanding low-emission diesel engines and older diesel engines operating on low or high sulphur distillate fuel. Mobilgard HSD 15W-40 is approved or recommended by all the major marine high-speed diesel engine builders.

Features and Benefits

Mobilgard HSD 15W-40 combines a blend of high quality base stocks with a superior balanced additive system to provide exceptional control of oil thickening due to soot build-up and high temperatures, as well as outstanding resistance to oxidation, corrosion, and high temperature varnish deposits.

When used as recommended, Mobilgard HSD 15W-40 diesel engine oil provides the following features and potential benefits:

FeaturesAdvantages and Potential Benefits
Outstanding thermal and oxidation stabilityReduces formation of deposits and sludge build-up
Keeps engines clean and operating smoothly
Excellent wear protectionExtended life of critical engine components
High Viscosity IndexStable oil film at all operating temperatures
Reduced oil consumption
Increased high temp/high shear performanceReduced engine scuffing, bore polishing and ring sticking
Outstanding TBN retentionProtects engine parts from corrosive wear and deposits
Excellent water tolerance and separation capabilityMaintains effective lubrication and film-strength in the presence of water
Excellent low temperature propertiesImproved oil pumpability/circulation at start-up
Start-up wear protection especially for valve train area


Mobilgard HSD 15W-40 is designed to provide outstanding performance in the most severe service marine applications of modern high-speed diesel engines, such as Caterpillar 3500 Series and smaller bore, Cummins, Volvo, Daihatsu, Yanmar, and others.

Specifications and Approvals

Mobilgard HSD 15W-40 meets the requirements of the following specifications:
Caterpillar ECF-2X
Cummins CES 20077/20076 XX

Mobilgard HSD 15W-40 has the following builder approvals:
MB-Approval 228.3X
Volvo VDS-3

Mobilgard HSD 15W-40 is suitable for use in applications requiring:

Typical Properties

SAE Grade15W-40
Specific Gravity at 15ºC0.881
Flash Point, ºC, ASTM D 92227
Pour Point, ºC, ASTM D 97-33
Viscosity, ASTM D 445
cSt, at 40ºC105
cSt, at 100ºC14.2
Viscosity Index, ASTM D 2270138
TBN, mg KOH/g, ASTM D 289610
Sulphated Ash, wt%, ASTM D 8741.1

Health and Safety

Based on available information, this product is not expected to produce adverse effects on health when used for the intended application, following the recommendations provided in the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). MSDSs are available upon request through your sales contract office, or via the Internet on This product should not be used for purposes other than its intended use. If disposing of used product, take care to protect the environment.


It cannot be guaranteed that the product information given above is up to date. For the latest version of the Product Data Sheet we refer to the product library of ExxonMobil.