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Koop in onze webshop High Temperature Grease Mobil SHC Grease 462 PF is formulated with perfluoropolyether (PFPE) that is thickened with polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). Mobil SHC Grease 462 PF is a long-life, severe-service grease for bearings, valves, seals and other applications that require oxidation stability and lubrication performance at very high temperatures. Mobil SHC Grease 462 PF is also suitable for the lubrication of food processing equipment where NSF H1 registration is required for addressing cases

Mobil Gargoyle Arctic 68 NH

Koop in onze webshop Product Description Mobil Gargoyle Arctic 68 NH is a high performance refrigeration oil designed specifically for the lubrication of refrigeration reciprocating and screw compressors using ammonia (NH3, R-717). It is formulated with high quality mineral paraffinic technology providing excellent low temperature performance, low volatility and thermal stability.Its very low miscibility with ammonia limits oil thinning and minimizes oil carry-over. Low vapour pressure reduces oil consumption and need for top-ups while preventing

Mobil SHC Aware Gear Series

Koop in onze webshop Product Description Mobil SHC Aware Gear Series are a range of high performance, anti-wear gear oils for use in marine applications and meet the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 2013 Vessel General Permit (VGP) guidelines for "environmentally acceptable lubricants". They provide excellent wear protection for gears and bearings and safeguard equipment from rust and corrosion. They also possess outstanding oxidation properties, which help to extend oil life, and offer a

Mobil SHC Gargoyle 80 POE

Koop in onze webshop Refrigeration Oils Mobil SHC™ Gargoyle 80 POE is a high performance refrigeration oil designed specifically for the lubrication of refrigeration compressors using carbon dioxide (CO2, R-744) refrigerant for miscible applications. It is formulated using an innovative Polyol Ester technology (POE) to provide outstanding lubricity, wear protection, chemical and thermal stability. Its miscibility with CO2 refrigerant and well-defined viscosity/temperature/pressure relationships ensure an appropriate film thickness even at high operating pressures and temperatures

Mobil SHC 600 Series

Koop in onze webshop Product Description Mobil SHC 600 Series lubricants are exceptional performance gear and bearing oils designed to provide outstanding service in terms of equipment protection, oil life and problem-free operation helping to enable increased customer productivity. These scientifically engineered oils are formulated using the latest proprietary and patent pending Mobil SHC technology to provide outstanding and balanced performance in demanding applications at high and low temperatures. Mobil SHC 600 products feature excellent

Mobil SHC 600 Series

Koop in onze webshop Productbeschrijving Mobil SHC™ 600 Serie smeermiddelen zijn uitstekend presterende tandwiel-, en lageroliën, ontwikkeld om de beste resultaten op het gebied van bescherming van het materiaal, levensduur van de olie en probleemloze werking te verkrijgen, voor een verbeterde productiviteit voor de klant. Deze wetenschappelijk ontwikkelde oliën zijn ontwikkeld met gebruik van de laatste bedrijfseigen Mobil SCH technologie waarvoor patent is aangevraagd voor een uitstekende en gebalanceerde prestatie in veeleisende toepassingen bij hoge

Mobil SHC Chain 240

Koop in onze webshop Kettingolie voor hoge temperaturen Mobil SHC Chain 240 is een uitstekend presterende kettingolie ontwikkeld voor de smering van conveyor kettingen bij hoge temperaturen tot 290°C / 555°F. Het is ontwikkeld om uitstekende slijtagebescherming en weerstand tegen verdamping, thermische oxidatie en koolvorming te bieden.Eigenschappen en voordelen Mobil SHC Chain 240 draagt bij tot het volgende:Verschaft een grotere mate van bescherming van apparatuur dan conventionele kettingoliënGeeft de extra geruststelling van probleemloze bescherming van

Mobil SHC Grease 100 EAL Series

Koop in onze webshop Product Description Mobil SHC Grease 101 EAL and 102 EAL are superior performance greases designed specifically for applications that require environmentally sensitive lubricants. These high performance greases are biodegradable and virtually non-toxic. They are formulated from a biodegradable synthetic ester base oil, carefully chosen high performance additives and a lithium soap thickener. The wax-free nature of the synthetic base fluid, together with its low traction coefficient, provide excellent low temperature

Mobil SHC Polyrex Series

Koop in onze webshop Product Description The Mobil SHC Polyrex series of greases are specifically designed to improve your productivity by solving high temperature lubrication problems in both general industry and food processing applications. Developed using advanced Polyurea technology, these synthetic, polymer-enhanced greases bring a high temperature solution to the market while carrying a full NSF H1 registration. The Mobil SHC Polyrex Series of greases are designed to offer a combination of high temperature performance, excellent

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Koop in onze webshop Productbeschrijving De Mobil SHC Rarus Serie oliën zijn uitstekend presterende smeeroliën voor luchtcompressoren voornamelijk bedoeld voor de smering van zware  roterende schroef- en waaiercompressoren. Ze zijn in het bijzonder geschikt voor zware bedrijfsomstandigheden, waar op synthetische oliën gebaseerde producten niet voldoen aan de verwachtingen, zoals zware toepassingen onderhevig aan hoge compressie eindtemperaturen of waar verlengde verversingstermijnen gewenst zijn. De formulering van de Mobil SHC Rarus Serie biedt de mogelijkheid om

  • Mobil SHC Pegasus 40

Mobil SHC Pegasus 40

Koop in onze webshop Product Description Mobil SHC Pegasus™ 40 is a new category of advanced technology natural gas engine oil designed to provide today’s high output, low-emission four-cycle gas engines with the highest levels of protection. Mobil SHC Pegasus 40 uses a patented combination of high quality base stocks and advanced additive technology to deliver exceptional oxidation stability, nitration resistance and thermal stability. Its formulation has been carefully balanced to provide outstanding anti-wear characteristics

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Mobil SHC Hydraulic EAL

Koop in onze webshop High Performance Synthetic Hydraulic Oil Mobil SHC™ Hydraulic EAL fluids are high performance biodegradable synthetic hydraulic oils for modern hydraulic systems. The fluids are designed to meet the demand for environmentally acceptable hydraulic lubricants. Mobil SHC Hydraulic EAL fluids are exceptionally high quality, wide-temperature, shear-stable hydraulic oils with controlled low-temperature pumpability properties and maximised anti-wear protection for hydraulic systems operating under high load and high pressures.*Energy efficiency relates solely to the